The Fit Quiz

How fit are you? Count up your points as you answer the following questions. Notice how your definition of “fitness” begins to change.

(1) I am generally:

  • Happy and fulfilled (3 points)
  • Somewhat happy but searching for something (1 point)
  • Depressed and emotionally out of control (0 points)

(2) I experience stress:

  • Only occasionally (2 points)
  • More often than I’d like to admit (1 point)
  • Chronically; it’s never-ending (0 points)

(3) When faced with stress, I:

  • Use strategies that help me navigate through successfully (3 points)
  • Am moderately able to deal with it (1 point)
  • Completely lose it. Leave me alone! (0 points)

(4) I spend time with a community of friends:

  • One or more days a week—no matter what. (3 points)
  • One day a month—maybe, if I can fit it in. (2 points)
  • Almost never; who has time for that? (0 points)

(5) I spend:

  • Every day in nature (3 points)
  • One day a week in nature (2 points)
  • One day a month in nature (1 point)
  • Virtually no time in nature (0 points)

(6) I watch a sunrise or sunset:

  • Once a week (3 points)
  • A few times a month (2 points)
  • Once in a while (1 points)
  • Almost never (0 points)

(7) I have negative qualities such as jealousy and fear that I would like to change.

  • Disagree. I am mostly positive (3 points)
  • Somewhat agree (1 point)
  • Strongly agree (0 points)

(8) I feel my spiritual health is:

  • Of equal importance to my physical health (3 points)
  • Of greater importance than my physical health (1 point)
  • Of less importance than my physical health (0 points)

(9) I exercise:

  • Never  (0 points)
  • 1–2 hours per week (1 point)
  • 3–4 hours per week (2 point)
  • More than 4 hours per week (3 points)

(10) I find exercise:

  • Enjoyable (3 points)
  • Tolerable (2 points)
  • Worse than going to the dentist (0 points)

(11) I usually:

  • Push myself to the limit in workouts (2 points)
  • Exercise at moderate levels (3 points)
  • Barely break a sweat (0 points)

(12) I think I am able to make positive body composition changes.

  • Strongly agree (3 points)
  • Moderately agree (1 point)
  • I find it tough to ever see myself changing (0 points)

(13) I feel my weight:

  • Is fairly ideal (3 points)
  • Could use some modification (2 points)
  • Cannot seem to stabilize (0 points)

(14) I set clear goals for personal change.

  • Strongly agree (3 points)
  • Somewhat agree (2 points)
  • I don’t set goals (0 points)

(15) When it comes to change, I generally

  • Follow through with my plan (3 points)
  • Stumble, but then pick up where I left off (2 points)
  • Feel like I am always starting over (0 points)

The higher your score, the healthier you are in mind, body, and spirit. The lower you score, the less fit you are overall and the more you will benefit from our teachings. If you scored fewer than ten points, you are a prime candidate for taking every Fit Soul Fit Body principle seriously and going at whatever pace you need to apply each key to your life.

Take note of the answers in the quiz that got you zero points. These could be the reason why you cannot achieve what you want in life. Let those be your focal points as you move forward. You may already be physically fit but lack that soulful fitness. Or maybe you feel grounded in your heart and soul, but need to give your physical fitness an overhaul.

Virtually everyone can benefit from this program, including those who would say they lead healthy, happy lives, or who scored more than thirty points on the quiz. Other questions you may want to ask yourself are:

  • What do you do to face difficult situations?
  • What do you do to solve them?
  • What four negative qualities would you like to change?