“Fitness” needs a makeover. It’s not about the size of your muscles, how fast you can run, or how much you weigh. There are plenty of physically fit people who are unhappy, eternally pessimistic, and drained of spirit. True fitness starts with emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which provide the foundation for attaining a fit body. When you learn to manage stress successfully, replace negative qualities with positive ones, and make a spiritual connection to both your inner and outer environment, you begin to trust in life. You begin to see the power not only in nature to heal and charge up your life, but also within yourself to discover joy, happiness, and fulfillment like never before. And then anything is possible and you can do amazing things…

Imagine having a connection between your physical body and that inner, intangible part of you called the “soul” that is so powerful that you can do just about anything. Accomplish more at work. Lose unwanted weight. Gain vibrant health and more energy. Sleep like a baby at night. Have more satisfying relationships. Experience greater fulfillment in all that you do. Get into the best shape of your life. That is exactly what this book is going to help you to achieve, that and so much more. Sounds like a tall order, but not when you learn the elements to the Fit Soul, Fit Body way of life.

Even if you regularly work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you may notice that there is still something missing that keeps you from feeling completely satisfied with your achievements. Have you experienced this? Maybe you are having difficulties staying inspired at work, feeling refreshed in the morning, or getting excited about planning for the future. These plateaus and stalls can end up causing self-doubt, low self-esteem, and even fear, all of which bring about one of the most difficult hurdles we all face: lack of motivation. Maybe you are bored with your workout regimen, you can’t finish that 10k you’ve been training for, or you’ve started gaining weight despite your workouts and attention to your diet. Or perhaps you haven’t been physically active in a while and deep down you know you need to get moving again. Considering the stresses that exist in our modern world, the last thing we need is for our lifestyle choices to contribute to our unhappiness.

Being fit is not just for elite athletes, or even the people who regularly work out. When we say “Fit Soul, Fit Body,” we are referring to two intertwining elements that must be in full force in order to attain and realize vibrant health. Not only are our physical markers of good health (“Fit Body”) lagging, but so are the ones that measure our emotional health (“Fit Soul”). Seventy-six percent of us say we experience a notable amount of stress in our lives, which can lead to anxiety, a reduced sense of well-being, sleep deprivation, and a feeling that the world is something to be feared rather than revered. We lose sight of our goals and dreams, and have no idea how to get to where we want to be.

This connection between body and soul has been all but lost in the modern world. We have become like a phone that is not plugged in to the wall—the greatest message could be waiting but you will never hear it until you plug the phone back in. The same holds true for the signals our body and our environment are continuously giving us about how to build our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When our souls get disconnected from our outer environment we can become lonely, depressed, even angry.

Most of us are too wound up, overworked, and tired to stop and listen. If we did, we would rediscover how to live a healthy life filled with lasting joy, happiness, and contentment. This book will be your roadmap to the ultimate Fit Body, with tips and exercises to improve diet, fitness, and strength, and to find a renewed connection to the environment and natural world. Regardless of your individual goals, the ideas outlined in this book will help you to optimize every aspect of your life, from how you think to the actions you take to get whatever you want out of life. Best of all, the principles you will learn are timeless, and the longer you practice them, the more you will achieve and the more accomplished you will feel.