Settle into Balance: Article by Nico Secunda

Settle into Balance
A seminar with an Ironman and a Shaman

written by Nico Secunda

Authors note: Being the son of Brant Secunda, I have gown up in his seminars and have witnessed the evolution of Fit Soul Fit Body. From meeting Mark Allen as a small child in those seminars to reading the countless rough drafts of Mark and my dad’s book, I have been immensely fortunate to be a part of this blossoming community. I am honored to be writing about this year’s exciting events taking place across the country and around the world. I hope you enjoy this look into the world of Fit Soul Fit Body.

Outside the window, birds chirped in the budding trees and in the the distance Mt. Rainier sat above the clouds. We were in Seattle, Washington, about to begin the Fit Soul Fit Body seminar taught by Brant Secunda and Mark Allen. These two extraordinary men teamed up over ten years ago to teach the first of these events (originally entitled Sport & Spirit, Connect the Power).

After many years of teaching throughout the United States and Europe, they decided to put their knowledge into a book, which was released this past December. Fit Soul Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You is a manual to life of sorts. Both the book and the seminar strive to bring together the often separate worlds of fitness and spirituality. Just as Brant and Mark came from very different backgrounds, the participants at this 2-day event were a divergent bunch. From an athlete to a technician, a doctor to a real estate agent, everyone came from different walks of life. However, we were all there with a common purpose, a related quest; to find balance of body and soul.

Throughout the seminar Mark and Brant offered guidance and strait forward concrete methods to creating a balanced life. Their 9-Key philosophy (found in detail in the book) was a center point of many of their lectures. The two smoothly transitioned back and forth, with Mark instructing on healthy diet and exercise methods and Brant teaching ancient indigenous exercises for managing stress and relinquishing negativity. Everything about the seminar was built upon a platform of balance, in both the physical and spiritual sense. There was a balance of informative material, personal application and unforgettable stories.

Brant told of his amazing journey as a young man to the Huichol Indians and of his 12-year apprenticeship with his adopted grandfather and renowned shaman Don José Matsuwa. A slideshow of the Huichol people and their land brought these stories to life, as did the various videos that accompanied Mark’s remarkable tale of winning the Ironman Triathlon and his climb to greatness in the sport. The two conducted themselves with a great sense of humbleness, surprising to find among a world famous shaman and triathlon champion. Their unassuming personalities made both Brant and Mark extremely approachable for everyone. This inclusive feeling allowed for strong relationships between all of us at the seminar to form in only a short time.

By the end of the uplifting and empowering program, I think all the participants left with not only more knowledge of how to shed unwanted weight and stress or win a race, but more importantly a greater sense of balance in their life. All of us came away with a toolkit of techniques for finding that balance in both body and spirit. Not only did we have tips on utilizing heart rate during exercise and quieting mindful chatter, but indeed through the teachings a new perspective on life was reached. By being a part of the seminar, you could feel a renewed sense of health and well-being from the inside out.

Nico Secunda
Son of Brant Secunda and part of the Fit Soul Fit Body Team


  • Nico is Brant Secunda's son and has been following in his father's footsteps his entire life. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and is a member of the Provost Advisory Council. Nico manages the Dance of the Deer Foundation and is the co-founder of the Huichol Foundation.