Fit Soul, Fit Body

Soquel, California, March 2009 – Shaman and Healer Brant Secunda and Legendary Ironman athlete Mark Allen have combined their wisdom into Fit Soul, Fit Body, a book they co-authored to help enable readers to live a more fulfilling life emotionally, spiritually and physically.

The book offers 9 keys to achieving a healthier and happier life through strategies and advice on how to: test your wellness; manage stress; overcome emotional barriers; beat boredom; slow down to get faster; choose the right eating and exercise plan; employ the power of nature; quiet your mind and set realistic goals and secure a fit vision for life.

Brant Secunda is a shaman, healer and ceremonial leader in the Huichol Indian tradition of Mexico. He is the director of the Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies and a teacher of seminars and retreats worldwide. Mark Allen is a six-time Ironman triathlon world champion. Allen’s final victory in 1995 at 37 makes him the oldest men’s champion in the history of the race. He attributes his success and dominance to ongoing studies with Secunda, who showed him how to find fitness not only in physical strength, but in the power of personal spirit and balanced living.

Fit Soul, Fit Body began as a seminar that has motivated and inspired people for decades. “There is no question Brant and Mark know how to get people into the best shape of their lives – both mentally and physically,” says Michael Besancon, senior global VP of Whole Foods Market. “With this book they bring all their knowledge and insights together in a brilliant, one-of-a-kind volume that if read and applied will change your life.”

“Our backgrounds are totally unique, and from that we integrate two worlds that are rarely united,” says Allen. “There are many books that focus mainly on physical fitness but only touch lightly on the inner person, while others delve deeply into personal growth, yet have very little if anything about how to have good physical health.”

According to the authors, “fitness” needs a makeover. It’s not about the size of your muscles, how fast you can run, or how much you weigh. There are plenty of physically fit people who are unhappy, eternally pessimistic and drained of spirit.

Their book teaches that true fitness starts with emotional and spiritual wellbeing, which provides the foundation for attaining a fit body. When you learn to manage stress successfully, replace negative qualities with positive ones and make a spiritual connection to both your inner and outer environment, you begin to trust in life. You begin to see the power in nature to heal and charge up your life, and within yourself to discover joy, happiness and fulfillment.

“Our philosophy trains the mind alongside the body, which can bring a profound metamorphosis,” says Secunda. “Our connection to nature is a universal way to reduce stress, stave off boredom, find gratitude and gain the energy we need to move through life with grace and power.”

“Reading Fit Soul, Fit Body sent chills up my spine,” says Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Mother-Daughter Wisdom. “This is it – the missing element in athletics and fitness – bringing the wisdom of the soul into our workouts and our lives. It is a revelation.”

The foreword for Fit Soul, Fit Body is written by well-known author Stephen Covey. “This book could very well be its own habit in my bestselling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” says author Stephen Covey. “Brant and Mark are a living example of what it means to be fit from the inside out, from the depths of the inner spirit to the outer symbols of health and wellness,” adds Covey.

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