Finding Peace in Chaos

Often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the tasks at hand and in turn forget the beauty of this world, of life. Sometimes shifting from a cluttered state of mind to one of clarity can seem impossible. Maybe you try to take a walk or sit along the ocean, yet still the escape is only momentary.

I have found that at moments like this, it may take a dramatic short-term change in someones life in order to clear the mind and in this way heal the body and empower the soul.

A retreat in nature can offer this change of lifestyle and change of mindset. Throughout the many years I have lead retreats at places of power around the world, I have witnessed this transformation in participants over and over again. People arrive drained and lethargic in spirit. For the first few days most people are trying to analyze what they have gotten themselves into.

“Do I like this retreat?” “Am I learning anything?” And most importantly, “…how is the food.”

Then, as they begin to connect with the spirit of the land, their analytical minds calm and they begin to be aware of not just the overwhelming beauty of nature, but of the beauty of each leaf, every river and all the flowers. When we are able to practice this awareness and see the energy flowing around us, then it becomes very difficult to worry about that work presentation due next week or cooking dinner for friends this weekend. If we can remember the power of the world around us, we can face every obstacle, big and small, with a sense of self-confidence. This confidence arises from the realization that we are a part of something much larger then our selves; that we can utilize the energy of the trees, waters and flowers. In this state of mind it is very difficult to become overwhelmed… …at least in the negative sense.

So if you are finding yourself constantly stressed and cluttered, it may be a good time to step away from your routine and head to a place to which you feel drawn. Whether that be joining me here in Italy or going camping or renting a place at the beach, create a change in your life that will help you focus on the bigger picture.