Mother Earth Prepares to Awaken

There seems to be an awakening of positive energy in our world at the moment. Furthermore, it is a time of transformation and hopefully a time of healing and love. Mother Earth is slowly waking up from her sleep of winter. She is still living the art of regeneration, charging herself up with the light of creation. It is a wonder to remember this process has been happening for millions and millions of years. I reflect on how, at this time of the year, Don José and I, as well as other Huichols, would prepare the earth for planting. “She is still sleeping”, Don José would say, “but she is slowly waking up, emerging from the darkness of winter.”

Remember, change starts with you. I always remind people of this simple truth. As you walk on Mother Earth at this time, try to feel her aliveness. She is still dreaming, but now a conscious dream, as she gets ready for spring. Feel in touch with the earth and your environment during this great time of transformation. This is the wisdom of the shaman.

A Huichol will also try to dream as Mother Earth dreams. We are truly a reflection or mirror of the ancient ones. Mother Earth dreams, so why can we also dream and awaken? Shamanism sees all of life as interrelated, mysteriously and majestically.

As you walk outside on the earth or at the beach, feel Mother Earth as she prepares to awaken from the dream of winter. Feel yourself also connected through your heart and mind. In this way we can be connected and be a part of something natural, powerful, and real.

By engaging ourselves and being connected to the earth, we can feel joyful and complete, not separate. This is a natural process that has occurred for millennia. Whenever I return to the Huichols in Mexico I feel this strongly and watch how the Indians feel joy just by being alive and living a normal life. We can also do this in the modern world.